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Our international team is committed to recruiting and integrating healthcare professionals in response to the growing shortage of healthcare professionals in Germany.

Through the placement of top-class and highly-trained foreign nursing staff, we support over 150+ hospitals in finding reliable and lasting personnel solutions. At the same time, we enable qualified personnel from countries with a surplus of employees to find a job through our program and thus new valuable perspectives.

We are focusing on two things above all: the intensive and careful preparation and integration of our candidates, as we want them to feel completely comfortable and to remain with their employers for as long as possible. Our main recruitment regions are currently the Philippines and India, where we cooperate with great local partners.

Hope.career aims to offset the global nursing imbalance by connecting un- or under-employed nurses from across the world with healthcare institutions in regions suffering from a staffing shortage. Through a transparent and honest service offering, we put both the candidate’s and the employer’s journey at the center of our model and ensures fair and dignified working conditions for the nurses.

We believe in giving nurses around the world the opportunity to start a fulfilling new life abroad, offering employers reliable staffing solutions, and in helping to improve the well-being of patients.

Hope was able within a period of the first 6 months to handle over 700 applications. To handle the large amount of applications, Hope integrated an online fully integrated HR recruiting and CRM solution.

The dedicated website is reachable at www.hope.career

Foreign Nurses are happy in Germany

Many nurses already completed their journey to Germany and love staying in the country. The main reasons are high pay and the amazing benefits.

Nurses who start working in Germany earn 2,700 Euros and more. Aside from the pay, the nurses enjoy exactly the same benefits as German nurses, including 24-day vacation leaves, health, and social insurance as well as retirement benefits.

Testimonial example

Nurse Ivy talks about her journey with Hope to Germany